The "It's Too Late" Lie

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It’s been nagging you for months, maybe even years. A still, small voice that’s telling you to launch out into the deep to fill that void. You know you can do it, but hesitation turned into a delay. A long one. Now you’re discouraged because of all the time that has passed. Don’t believe the “it’s too late” lie.

God is not bound by time and circumstances. He can still bring every promise to pass and get you where you need to be. God has reserved a spot in this world for you – step into it!

So, what’s in you that needs to come out? Is it an invention, business, book, song, drama series, screenplay or the next big mobile app? Whatever “it” is, get to it.

By the way – you need to get rid of a few things before you start. They’ve been hanging around you too long anyway. Time to cut loose fear and doubt. Both are dead weight and have no place where you’re going.

You may not have everything you need, but you definitely have enough to start. Do as much as you can with what you have. As you go, God will cause it to grow. He will bring to you every connection, every resource, every single thing you need to succeed.

You’re important, and your voice and gifts matter. Go. Tell the world.

We believe in you.

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